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Tee Jays A/S initiates expansion of headquarters in Svenstrup, Denmark to accommodate growth in Scandinavia and Europe


Northern Jutland-based clothing company Tee Jays is pleased to announce that they have commenced the expansion of their headquarters in Svenstrup, Denmark. This expansion includes an additional warehouse space of 6,000 square meters, increasing the storage capacity from 4,000 pallet spaces to 12,000 pallet spaces.

With a continuously growing market in Scandinavia and Europe, this expansion is crucial to meet the increased demand and ensure optimal handling of goods. The additional warehouse space will enable efficient management and storage of products while maintaining a high standard of customer service and delivery.

"We are very excited to embark on this expansion of our headquarters in Svenstrup," says CEO and owner Peter Høfler. "It is a clear indication of our continued growth and commitment to providing the best solutions to our customers in Scandinavia and Europe. The additional storage capacity will allow us to strengthen our logistics and enhance our ability to meet customer needs."

The new warehouse facility will be dedicated to receiving goods, while the existing facility will continue to serve as the shipping area. This restructuring will contribute to a more streamlined and efficient logistics process, enhancing the company's capability to handle an increasing volume of shipments.

Tee Jays looks forward to completing the construction by December 2023 and continuing to serve their customers with high quality and reliability.

For further information, please contact:

Jakob Skytt




From the left: Richardt Thomsen, Founder RTE, Victor Høfler Export,  Peter Høfler, CEO & Owner Tee Jays.


Lansen 16

DK-9230 Svenstrup

Phone: +45 98176777

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