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Finished 15th June 2016

a new chapter

We have successfully expanded our warehouse,
adding an extra 6,000 square meters to our facility. This expansion has significantly
increased our storage capacity from 4,000 pallet spaces to an impressive 12,000 pallet
spaces. Driven by the sustained growth of our market presence in Scandinavia and Europe,
this expansion is pivotal in meeting the surge in demand and ensuring the
optimal handling of goods.

This strategic restructuring marks a significant milestone in our efforts to create
a more streamlined and efficient logistics process. It enhances our company’s capability to
handle a growing volume of shipments. Notably, the new warehouse is equipped
with solar power, ensuring a self-supply of electricity, aligning with
our commitment to sustainable practices.


Lansen 16

DK-9230 Svenstrup

Phone: +45 98176777


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