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Our CSR approach is substantiated by TEE JAYS longstanding core values, determination and dedication for the idea of making the world a better place, making a difference wile maintaining af growing business.

Our Code of Conduct is based on UN Global Compact’s 10 principles which are based on internationally adopted declarations and conventions on human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.




TEE JAYS is member of Amfori, the leading global organisation for open and sustainable trade. Amfori unites more than 2000 companies committed to improving working conditions and environmental condition in the global textile production. By that also supports us in monitoring a constant high level in the nominated factories producing TEE JAYS products.





TEE JAYS is certified by STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® which is one of the bestknown labels for textiles and guarantee that the clothing does not contain harmful substances. It is the world’s leading independent testing institutes and regularly controls all testing for substances which are harmful to human health and the environment. Clothing that are certified by the STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® is subject to requirements covering pH value and the content of, for example, pesticides and heavy metals.




The Organic Content Standard/OCS verifies organically grown content and tracks it from the source to the final product. The TEE JAYS products which is Organic Content Standard/OCS certified is marked with “organic cotton symbol”. Products certified to the OrganicContent Standard/OCS contain organically grown content that has been independently verified at each stage of the supply chain, from the farm to the finished product. Thepurchase of Organic Content Standard/OCS certified products demonstrates demandfor organic agriculture. Organic cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards, which require practices to sustain ecosystems.



The Recycled Claim Standard/RCS verifies recycled content and tracks it from the source to the final product. Products certified to the Recycled Claim Standard contain recycled content that has been independently verified at each stage of the supply chain, from the recycler to the finished product. The purchase of RCS certified products demonstrates demand for recycled content.





TEE JAYS are a proud member of Better Cotton and we are committed to improving cotton farming practices globally with Better Cotton. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance and is not physically traceable to end products. We are committed to sourcing 95% of our cotton as more sustainable cotton by 2025. More sustainable cotton includes Better Cotton and Organic cotton. Better Cotton connects people and organizations throughout the cotton sector, from field to store, to promote measurable and continuing improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton-producing areas.





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